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Fall Car Care checklist

 Routine Maintenance - Fuccillo Mitsubishi - Watertown, NY

Of course year-round routine car maintenance is the best way to make sure your vehicle performs well and lasts as long as possible. But for people in New York State, we have to pay special attention to the approach of winter. It’s early autumn, so perfect time to pull out the fall checklist.

A pre-winter tune up at your Mitsubishi dealer is always a good idea if you haven’t done it recently. Not a good idea to wait until there is snow on the ground. One thing you can do on your own to get started and before you bring it to the dealer is to vacuum or blow all the leaves and debris out of the ducts.

The regimen should include inspection and replacement of worn belts and hoses and as the weather cools, consider changing to synthetic lubricants. These high-tech oils cost more, so if that is an issue, talk to your Mitsubishi dealer about an alternative in lighter-weight oils for the colder weather.

The other absolute must is to have the cooling system checked. Consult your owner's manual for the proper coolant mix, which is often about a 60/40 antifreeze-to-water ratio. Since the car heater and defroster work off the cooling system, make sure those heater hoses are checked while inspecting the radiator hoses.

As the weather cools, use that as a reminder to keep the gas tank as full as possible. Aside from the obvious situation of running out of gas, keeping it fuller limits condensation in the gas tank and minimizes water accumulation – which can freeze – in the fuel line.

Check the wiper blades for deterioration and you could consider replacing them with an upgrade to winter/snow blades. Have the blades return to their parked position before turning off the engine and you might want to cover them overnight so they don’t freeze if you anticipate a frost – never put hot water on a cold windshield! Dousing with normal temperature tap water will do the job. Keep the washer fluid reservoir filled with winter fluid.<

Splurging on the full service car wash that includes a good waxing, particularly with a carnauba-based product, each year will help the paint withstand road salt and other weather grime. Lubricating door hinges, locks and weather stripping with silicone spray will help keep doors and trunks from freezing shut.

Since air condenses in cooler weather, pay attention to fluctuations in tire pressure and keep to the manufacturer's recommendation on the sticker found in the glove box or on the doorjam. Dig out the spare tire and check its overall condition and inflation. If you’re going to install snow tires for the season, it’s probably a good idea to get a start on that. Maybe they need to come out of storage before the snow. If you’re keeping your regular tires, it might be a good idea to practice fitting your snow chains, especially for the young drivers in your family.

Always plan ahead with your Mitsubishi Service Center to minimize the stress of cold-weather driving! 

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