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2016 Lancer Maintenance

Mitsubishi Lancer Maintenance - Fuccillo Mitsubishi - Watertown, NY
As you probably know, in order to maintain the warranty on your Lancer it’s important to follow the correct maintenance schedule. The best way to understand what you need to do is to take a look in the Owner’s Manual when you first get your car. That way you’ll have an idea about milestones to watch out for as you enjoy driving your Lancer.
Only you know how well you treat your vehicle, how rough the usage has been, or not, so you are the first one to judge when certain services will be required.
Your judgment comes in very important in determining what kind of driving you do. You might ask yourself how often you may encounter the driving conditions below:
  • Drive on rough, muddy, sandy or salt-spread roads
  • Tow or taxi (maybe you do Uber or Lyft on the side)
  • Commercial operation
  • Extensive idling and/or low speed operation
  • Repeated short-trip operation at freezing temperatures
  • Extended use of brakes while driving
  • Hot, city driving (90 degrees plus)
It’s a good idea to let your mechanic know if any of these conditions apply, he could have some good advice to keep your Lancer in top shape. Proper maintenance will help to prevent vehicle problems long before they occur, avoiding unexpected repairs down the road.
Some people may consider regular maintenance a nuisance, there are so many other things that need to be done! But if you build a relationship with your dealership, regular maintenance can become quick and easy.
Your Mitsubishi dealer will keep all your records on file, just a click away. You won’t have to worry when something was done, or not, or search for any paperwork before you come in. Mitsubishi suggests these points below as a basic maintenance timetable; how you answered the questions above might change when you have something done by shortening the intervals between service:

5,000 miles/every 5 months - Inspect disc brake pads and rotors, inspect suspension system, inspect driveshaft boots, and rotate tires. Under severe usage conditions, get all of these done a bit earlier, every 3,750 miles or 4 months.

15,000 miles/every 15 months - Check the fluid level of the reserved tank for the active center differential (ACD), check condition of brake hoses, inspect ball joint and steering linkage seals. Check air purifier filter for any sign of clogging, replace if necessary and replace air cleaner element.

30,000 miles/every 30 months - Check the level of the manual transaxle oil and change if necessary; check the level of the transfer oil and change if necessary; change the engine coolant; change the rear axle oil, check the entire fuel system for leaks, check the condition of the fuel hoses, replace generator/water pump/power steering pump drive belts, service and check the entire exhaust system.

60,000 miles/every 60 months - Inspect the radiator and heater hoses/coolant hoses, replace as needed. Check for any leakage and clogging in the evaporative emission control system; check and replace spark plugs - and it’s probably time to get the timing belt replaced.
Fuccillo Mitsubishi is proud to be your go-to Mitsubishi dealership for both purchase and maintenance. Our service professionals can help you understand the warranty and the program for the appropriate maintenance for your Lancer.
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