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Maintaining Your Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi Mirage Service - Fuccillo Mitsubishi - Watertown, NY

If this is your first car, you have probably received some advice from friends and family about taking care of it. Following the correct maintenance schedule is an essential aspect of keeping your Mirage in the best condition possible and to keep your warranty valid! It’s always a great feeling to have your super sharp Mitsubishi Mirage running at top performance!
When you purchased your Mirage, you received an Owner’s Manual that will have the basic maintenance schedule included. Depending on how hard you drive your Mirage, the suggested schedule should be followed. If you are putting on more miles than what you see in the Manual, you might want to discuss it with a factory trained technician to see what changes you should make with the standard schedule.
To take the best care of your new vehicle, Mitsubishi recommends servicing by professional Mitsubishi mechanics probably at the place you purchased it, or at a Mitsubishi authorized shop.
You should know that there are parts of the engine that require inspection or replacement at regular intervals. Parts like spark plugs, air and fuel filters, ignition cables, and other emissions-related components should be inspected regularly and replaced before they wear out to keep the engine running in top shape. This could have a big effect on your gas mileage. The process of making sure each of these items is in good working condition is called a tune up. You will probably have to leave your Mirage for a few hours while this is performed; the best way to do this is to drop it off in the morning and pick it up at the end of the day.
Not only does your Mirage’s overall performance depend on proper maintenance, but also, more specifically, the emissions control system. Mitsubishi recommends you bring your Mirage to the dealership every 60,000 miles for a tune up to make sure everything is performing as it should. Having your vehicle maintained at an authorized Mitsubishi dealer provides a record of your maintenance should your ever require a warranty repair.
And of course, proper maintenance can prevent vehicle problems before they occur, saving you grief with unexpected repairs and giving you peace of mind every time you drive!

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