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2017 Mitsubishi Mirage - Fuccillo Mitsubishi - Adams, NY
Styling changes for the new 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage include new front and rear bumpers and lower-body tweaks, a new grille, restyled headlights and foglamps, new 14- and 15-inch alloy wheels, and a new rear spoiler.
The cute Mirage definitely lets you go big by going small; the city smart Mirage has a best in the segment turning radius and has the highest fuel-economy ratings of any non-hybrid car sold in the U.S.
Mirage is just the right amount of car for commuting, errands and everything in between.  It has all of the cargo capacity you need for weekend gear and friends with up to 47.0 cubic feet of cargo area.  The Mirage also comes with convenient and easy-to-use cruise control, standard on SE and GT trims.
In addition to that cute, sporty styling and really up to the minute color choices, the Mirage aerodynamic exterior was designed to provide the best visibility to the outside with minimal blind spots. Standard power side mirrors add to the visibility level as they let you adjust your side view on the go; standard rear wipers keep the rear view unobstructed by rain or snow.
A really fantastic feature for this level of compactness is Mitsubishi's FAST-Key system which lets you unlock your car without taking your keys out of your pocket or purse. Simply push once on the door handle button to unlock the driver's door, push twice to unlock all the doors or twice. Pressing the start/stop button on the dash is all you need to get moving!
The Mirage comes with six standard airbags—including front, front-seat-mounted, and side-curtain airbags—and a seventh underneath the driver's side dashboard, providing an extra level of protection when you need it most.
Mitsubishi offers Active Stability Control (ASC) which employs sensors that monitor the grip on each tire. If the system senses a problem, it communicates with the ABS to apply the brakes to the wheels with the most traction, helping the car to stay under your control.
Mitsubishi really believes in the quality, reliability and durability of the Mirage and backs it with a 10-year/100,000-mile Powertrain Limited Warranty. We also include a 5-year/60,000-mile fully transferable New Vehicle Basic Limited Warranty, a 5-year/60,000-mile warranty on the restraint system, a 7-year/100,000-mile Anti-Corrosion/Perforation Limited Warranty and 5-years/unlimited miles Roadside Assistance.

Fuccillo Mitsubishi: New York State’s new & used auto dealer specializing in Mitsubishi carshybridscross-oversSUVs, and electric cars. Search for a new orused Mitsubishi GalantEclipseEndeavori-MiEVLancerOutlanderSpyder; and more. Or search for a used vehicle. Schedule a test drive; research features; get prices; and arrange financing. Located in Watertown, New York. Serving Syracuse, Rochester, Adams, Rome, Fort Drum, Liverpool, Cicero and Utica, NY.


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 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer - Fuccillo Mitsubishi - Adams, NY
A compact, truly sporty sedan, the 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer has a lot of appeal. With its available 2.4-liter engine providing quick acceleration, (zero to 60 in 7.7 secs) available all-wheel drive providing extra traction in snow season and fun handling and driving in good weather. The Lancer can zip around turns with a pleasant sense of stability, especially on the sport-tuned suspension of the SE.
The 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer's exterior styling is among the best in the small sedan class. It is one of the few to retain the sharp and youthful look appropriate to the segment with its nose-down, tail-up sporty stance.

Mitsubishi calls the Lancer’s electronically controlled all-wheel-drive system All-Wheel Control. It includes a mode selector for front-wheel drive, all-wheel-drive "Auto" or all-wheel-drive "Lock," to maintain optimum traction in all kinds of weather or driving conditions. It is now standard on all 2.4-liter Lancer models.
The entry-level ES comes standard with 16-inch alloy wheels, foglights, LED running lights, heated mirrors with integrated turn signals, remote keyless entry, automatic climate control, a height-adjustable driver seat, 60/40-split folding rear seatbacks, a tilt-only steering wheel, power accessories, cruise control, a 6.1-inch touchscreen interface, Bluetooth, voice controls, and a four-speaker sound system with a CD player and a USB port.  For 2017, all Lancers now get a rearview camera and the previously optional 6.1-inch center screen as standard.
The SE trim adds 18-inch wheels to the entry-level ES trim, the sport-tuned suspension, keyless entry and ignition, heated front seats, and a six-speaker sound system with satellite radio and HD radio.
Next up is the SEL level where you get the SE features plus automatic headlights, automatic wipers, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, upgraded interior trim, leather upholstery and a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob.
Engine options for 2017: The base-level ES is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 148 horsepower and 145 pound-feet of torque. Optional on the ES and standard on the SE and SEL is a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 168 hp and 167 lb-ft of torque. The SE and SEL come exclusively with the CVT and all-wheel drive, and the ES also gets the CVT-AWD pairing when optioned with the larger engine.
Optional for the ES with the CVT and the SEL is a Sun and Sound package that adds a sunroof and a nine-speaker Rockford Fosgate audio system with satellite and HD radio. Optional on every Lancer trim is a Navigation System package that includes navigation and a 7-inch touchscreen. Accessory options include LED foglights, a rear spoiler, chrome accents and rear parking sensors.
If you know the history of the Lancer, you’ll notice Mitsubishi has discontinued the Lancer's GT trim level. Most of the GT's sport-themed features were carried over to the SE trim level.

If you want a sharp-looking small sedan, the Lancer delivers! The Lancer also boasts a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty. 

Fuccillo Mitsubishi: New York State’s new & used auto dealer specializing in Mitsubishi carshybridscross-oversSUVs, and electric cars. Search for a new orused Mitsubishi GalantEclipseEndeavori-MiEVLancerOutlanderSpyder; and more. Or search for a used vehicle. Schedule a test drive; research features; get prices; and arrange financing. Located in Watertown, New York. Serving Syracuse, Rochester, Adams, Rome, Fort Drum, Liverpool, Cicero and Utica, NY.

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 Routine Maintenance - Fuccillo Mitsubishi - Watertown, NY

Of course year-round routine car maintenance is the best way to make sure your vehicle performs well and lasts as long as possible. But for people in New York State, we have to pay special attention to the approach of winter. It’s early autumn, so perfect time to pull out the fall checklist.

A pre-winter tune up at your Mitsubishi dealer is always a good idea if you haven’t done it recently. Not a good idea to wait until there is snow on the ground. One thing you can do on your own to get started and before you bring it to the dealer is to vacuum or blow all the leaves and debris out of the ducts.

The regimen should include inspection and replacement of worn belts and hoses and as the weather cools, consider changing to synthetic lubricants. These high-tech oils cost more, so if that is an issue, talk to your Mitsubishi dealer about an alternative in lighter-weight oils for the colder weather.

The other absolute must is to have the cooling system checked. Consult your owner's manual for the proper coolant mix, which is often about a 60/40 antifreeze-to-water ratio. Since the car heater and defroster work off the cooling system, make sure those heater hoses are checked while inspecting the radiator hoses.

As the weather cools, use that as a reminder to keep the gas tank as full as possible. Aside from the obvious situation of running out of gas, keeping it fuller limits condensation in the gas tank and minimizes water accumulation – which can freeze – in the fuel line.

Check the wiper blades for deterioration and you could consider replacing them with an upgrade to winter/snow blades. Have the blades return to their parked position before turning off the engine and you might want to cover them overnight so they don’t freeze if you anticipate a frost – never put hot water on a cold windshield! Dousing with normal temperature tap water will do the job. Keep the washer fluid reservoir filled with winter fluid.<

Splurging on the full service car wash that includes a good waxing, particularly with a carnauba-based product, each year will help the paint withstand road salt and other weather grime. Lubricating door hinges, locks and weather stripping with silicone spray will help keep doors and trunks from freezing shut.

Since air condenses in cooler weather, pay attention to fluctuations in tire pressure and keep to the manufacturer's recommendation on the sticker found in the glove box or on the doorjam. Dig out the spare tire and check its overall condition and inflation. If you’re going to install snow tires for the season, it’s probably a good idea to get a start on that. Maybe they need to come out of storage before the snow. If you’re keeping your regular tires, it might be a good idea to practice fitting your snow chains, especially for the young drivers in your family.

Always plan ahead with your Mitsubishi Service Center to minimize the stress of cold-weather driving! 

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 Tire Rotation - Fuccillo Mitsubishi - Watertown, NY

 As well as keeping a maintenance schedule for your car’s engine, it’s very important to also have a maintenance schedule for your tires.
If you are new to car ownership and with tire rotation, it's the process where you change the placement of each tire that is mounted on the vehicle. Why do we do this? 
If you have a front wheel drive car, for example, even though the tires are all the same size, they will carry a different load and be utilized somewhat differently. The front tires carry more of the vehicle’s weight, are tasked with putting the power of the engine to the road and handling all the steering. They also handle about 80 percent of the braking.
When you bring your vehicle in, the mechanic inspecting a wheel during tire rotation will also do a visual safety check. This is an important feature of tire rotation.
Tire rotation is done on a regular schedule in order to make sure the entire set wear at the same ratio, equalizing tire wear and maximizing tire life. This prevents some tires from wearing out faster than others so that your purchase of sets of tires gets out of sync.
Your Mitsubishi’s owner's manual will have a recommended tire rotation schedule and a diagram of the rotation pattern that should be followed. A typical schedule calls for rotation every 5,000 miles with a "cross-rotation" pattern. That’s where front tires are moved to their opposite sides and to the rear.  Rear tires repeat this pattern moving forward. By following this pattern for the life of your set of tires, each tire will spend an equal amount of time in each of the four positions. And if you’ve got good tires and haven’t had a road hazard flatten one, the rotation cycle starts all over again.
Other than road hazards, there are a few things you can do to prolong tire life. Of course, proper tire inflation is probably the most important. Driving when the tires are not properly inflated causes undo wear and hurries tread wear and separation. Deliberately burning rubber is never a good idea, those black marks you leave on the road is money you are losing on your vehicle investment. And you can make a difference with road hazards – some are unavoidable of course – by staying out of back alleys or construction sites where you might encounter broken glass, sharp metals and nails.
If you’re a do-it-yourself, it may seem like an easy and quick task to do on a Saturday afternoon. However, how the tire is remounted can make a big difference. The nuts or bolts should be tightened with a torque wrench to the manufacturer's specifications. If you don't know the correct setting, your Mitsubishi dealer is the best place to turn for help.
Additionally, many manufacturers recommend what are called "differential tire pressures," in which the front and rear tires are inflated to different pressures since different tires carry different loads. This make perfect sense but the do-it-yourselfer may not have the best tools to calibrate this. Make tire maintenance part of your regularly scheduled maintenance at your Mitsubishi dealer!

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 Importance of an Oil and Filter Change - Fuccillo Mitsubishi - Watertown, NY

You’ve got your beautiful new Mitsubishi and you want to keep it running like new forever! Of course, plain and simple, oil is the lifeblood of your engine. We often hear how we should change our oil regularly, but do we pay as close attention to the oil filter as the liquid itself?

As the oil circulates through the engine, we know it picks up dirt and other contaminants, which over time can cause engine damage.

The filter allows the oil to flow through the engine after being cleaned to prevent those damaging elements from circulating. It wasn’t always this way; early engines did not have filters so they required very frequent oil changes. Technology has brought us to a very sophisticated stage where oil changes are required less and less frequently.

However, technological improvements also allow a method of filter by-pass to protect the engine from lack of lubrication under certain circumstances. An example is in very cold weather - if the oil is too thick and cannot pass through the oil filter in the normal way, it is allowed to bypass the filter. In other circumstances the oil can bypass the filter if the filter is plugged. This is sophisticated – and good – technology but it will result in unfiltered oil being passed through the critical components of the engine.

So even in the best circumstances, there are chances that contaminants can flow into the engine – perhaps over the winter - the whole oil change/oil filter process still needs attention over the life of your car.

What's right for your Mitsubishi vehicle’s engine? You really need to carefully study the specifications of each filter to determine the suitability for your particular requirements. On a new vehicle, it’s important to give consideration to the warranty. Mitsubishi may not deem some filters compatible, and that will be very important when it comes to a warranty claim. The components affected by dirty oil can be expensive. And it certainly doesn't make much sense to use the cheapest oil and filters you can find. Filters are not created equal.

When a filter does its job, internal engine components – such as the connecting rods, camshaft and valvetrain – are protected from contaminants that can cause major damage. Picking the right oil along with the right filter can definitely promote long engine life.

What the filter is made of – paper or plastic - is another big difference. Some filters are engineered with synthetic filter media, which is reputed to be capable of trapping smaller contaminants over a longer period of time over more miles. Some synthetic filters include special blends of rubber for gaskets and drainback valves. Some synthetic filters actually have larger bodies than more conventional filters, which gives them more capacity and a longer service life.

Keep a regular service schedule with Fuccillo Mitsubishi Service and we’ll always have the correct as well as best recommended lubricants and filters for your Mitsubishi! 

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